Herbal Products

Herbal Crack Cream : Aloe vera is known as a burn plant. Aloe crack cream is known for its soothing and healing effects on burns such as sunburns, U.V burns, X-ray burns, domestic burns and chemical burns without making a scar.

Speedy healing of cracks, tensile strength &s repair damaged skin.

With its anti-bacterial properties, fights infections including fungus and staph.

It is used for allergy, cuts and scrabs and other minor irritatios on hands and feet.



Aloe Sravanthi-Herbal Face Cream : Effective in preventing skin irritation, pimples acne, sun burns, prickly heat, stretch marks, injury on skin, improves complexion and keeps skin soft, fresh and glow.

Usage : Apply gently on skin and massage; can be used anytime; take adequate quantity as per requirement


Aloevera Shampoo : Aloevera shampoo cleanses, nourishes and conditions your hair restoring its natural luster, resilience and softness, pervents hairfall and has an antidandruff and anti-inflammatory effect. Hair becomes silky and shiny.


Aloevera Face Pack : Face pack control pimples, black scars, wrinkles, skin diseases; It can be used regularly like any commercial face pack to keep the skin soft, fresh and glow.

Usage : One spoon of face pack has to be mixed thoroughly with milk or milk cream; apply on face and wash your face after half-an-hour.


Triphala churnam : Cures indigestion, laxative , improves liver function,relieves stress.

Suvardhini Herbal Hair Oil : Tones up, nourishes and conditions your hair, prevents hair fall, conrols Dandruff, makes hair silky ad shiny


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