Spirulina - the best natural food

  • Spirulina is a microscopic blue green algae ( orthospira platensis) belongs to the family oscillatoriaceae.

  • Spirulina belong to C4 type plant. It is consumed as a food by people of different parts of world since several centuries. Recently spirulina adopted as food products in more than 70 countries worldwide.

  • United Nations and the World Health organization recommend spirulina as safe and nutritious for children. It is claimed that “ 1 kg or spirulina is the equivalent of 1000kgs of assorted vegetables

  • 1kg = 1000kg. (National Aeronautic & Space Administration Comparison

  • Spirulina is richest food source of complete protein with more than 60% protein it is being used in the diets of malnourished children, adults and older peoples who has a restricted diet. Digestibility of protein is about 95%

  • Spirulina with richest source of beta carotene. Beta carotene have anti oxidant and anti cancer power natural beta carotene reduces the risk of cancers. It reduces the incidence of eye diseases like night blindness, cataract and increases resistance to diseases.

  • Spirulina is only food source of Gamma linolenic acid other than mother milk, (GLA) reduced the accumulation of fats and cholesterol, blood pressure, control body weight.

Therapeutic (Curative) Applications
Diabetes, Hypertension, Hepatitis, Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Obesity,Wound healing.
Chemo Preventive Applications
Cancer Prevention, Nutritional Blindness, Nutritional anemia, Viral Infection.

Diseases Duration of Spirulina Consumption
Pimples 30-60 days
Allergy continuously used
Loss of white blood cell continuously used
Cancer continuously used
High Cholesterol continuously used
Diarrhea, Vomiting 30-60 days
Hair Loss 15-30 days
Health improvement 1-3 Months
Anemia continuously used
Cataract 15-30 days
Old age diseases continuously used
Fatty diseases continuously used 15-30 mints before meal continuously

Usage: 2 to 3 Capsules/day

60 capsules, 500mg Rs. 150/-

4-5 gms powder/day

50gms Rs.70/-

4-5gm flakes/day

50gms Rs.60/-



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